Cellankton Difference

The Oceans Wonders. Ever wonder how blue whales can live 80 years and grow to 24 metres? They eat plankton and phytoplankton, and a lot of it. Phytoplankton provides their bodies, and the human body, with the trace elements needed to keep in healthy balance.

Cellankton® is unique as it is composed of many multiple species of ocean marine phytoplankton that naturally grow in the nutrient rich waters of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Phytoplankton is the basis of the food chain for all ocean living creatures. Cellankton marine phytoplankton is a golden brown concentrate of pure wild phytoplankton and is grown at a sea farm in tanks of sea water adjacent to the Pacific Ocean where natural light and sunshine nurture, multiply and grow the algae. The pure seawater that’s loaded with nutritious phytoplankton is then harvested and dried to a powder. It is a completely natural process that supports environmental sustainability. Where our facility is located, the waters offer a pristine marine environment unlike any other in the world.

National Geographic Magazine August 2006

“The tides carry and mix nutrients from immense deep water up wellings at both the Northern and Southern entrances. What makes these straits an exceptional cauldron of life is the way in which ocean tides interact with freshwater…. This creates a vacuum of sorts that draws even deeper ocean water and more nutrients into the straits.”

We think Cellankton® is truly Mother Nature’s Multi-Vitamin

Cellankton® differs from other single species marine phytoplankton such as Nannochloropsis and fresh water algae’s such as Spirulina and Chlorella as they are only single species algae’s and their manufacturers provide only single species products into the supplement market. Cellankton® differs as it is a multiple phytoplankton species product. Think of it as a the comparison of going to the grocery store and putting one vegetable in your shopping cart or putting multiple types of vegetables in your cart. You receive many more nutrients from multiple vegetables versus just one vegetable. The same can be said for marine phytoplankton. A single species phytoplankton product will provide the nutrients of only one species, whereas Cellankton® provides the nutrient benefits of all varieties of marine phytoplankton.

Clinical Studies

The first Clinical Studies of Cellankton® multiple species Marine Phytoplankton were performed at the University of Manitoba in Canada, and by The Energy Medicine Research Institute in Colorado. The studies' results supported the use of Cellankton and its improvement on the quality of life with psoriasis subjects. Tests also showed significant improvements in blood pressure, vision, and weight loss as well as significant increase in energy and emotional well being.

Cellankton – Giving Back to our Oceans and the Environment

We believe it is important to respect our world’s source of marine phytoplankton and sustain this vital resource in our oceans. Cellankton®is grown in a facility that pumps natural, nutrient rich sea water containing phytoplankton into beach front tanks. When a drop of this captured ocean water is placed under a microscope, random phytoplankton are observed just as they naturally live in the nutrient rich waters off Vancouver Island. As the phytoplankton multiply many times over, they turn a golden brown colour from the natural sunlight and nutrients. At harvest time, a drop of ocean water from the tanks placed under a microscope displays the phytoplankton literally stacked up on each other. Cellankton phytoplankton is harvested, but only a small percent of the phytoplankton is captured.

The remaining phytoplankton is released through a gravity fed water system and returned to the ocean, where it contributes to the local marine ecosystem. In the time that phytoplankton is grown, it consumes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and emits oxygen back into the atmosphere. NASA has stated phytoplankton is responsible for approximately 50% of the carbon consumption and up to 90% of the oxygen production in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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