Energy Force

Boost Energy and Reduce Recovery Time

Energy Force is a powerful combination of natural ingredients including Cellankton® Marine Phytoplankton, Certified Organic Icelandic Kelp, Safed Musli, Sensoril® and PrimaVie® that help boost and sustain energy levels while supporting a healthy cardiovascular function. Energy Force helps achieve energy, power, alertness and endurance while reducing stress and fatigue.

The Science of Energy Force™

Icelandic Kelp also known as Laminaria Digitata has been harvested from the pristine and mineral-rich waters of Northwest Iceland and is USDA 100% Certified Organic. Icelandic Kelp is a naturally abundant source of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and minerals that help reduce inflammation in joints and bones.

PrimaVie® is a patented ingredient from Shalajit-bearing rocks in the Himalayan Mountains. Research has shown that Shalajit increases strength, endurance, immunity and cognitive ability. It has anabolic activity, thus helping in the quick recovery of muscle, bone, nerve and other affected tissues from exercise induced micro damages. Shalajit possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties which help the body with its energy requirements and replenish depleted energy levels faster.

Safed Musli is a powerful medicinal herb grown in India whose roots are used to boost energy, reduce fatigue, and resist tension and stress while strengthening the general immune system of the body.

Sensoril® has been specifically shown to help improve the body’s response to stress and energy levels by restoring vitality and energy. Clinical studies performed showed significant improvements in increased energy and reduced fatigue.

All Cellalife™ Products Contain Cellankton® Marine Phytoplankton

Cellankton® is a golden brown concentrate of pure wild phytoplankton that contains a proprietary mix of many multiple species of marine phytoplankton that grow naturally in the nutrient rich waters of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Clinical studies on Cellankton® were performed at the University of Manitoba and the Energy Medicine Research Institute. These Studies indicated Cellankton® is a powerful super food that helps to maintain good health. Clinical tests supported improvement in the quality of life with psoriasis subjects. Tests also showed significant improvements in blood pressure, vision, and weight loss as well as significant increase in energy and emotional well being.

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These ingredients have been shown to help

  • Boost and sustain energy levels and reduce fatigue
  • Restore and sustain energy levels
  • Enhance focus and mental stamina
  • Support healthy cardiovascular function
  • Maintain a healthy inflammatory response
  • Promote healthy connective tissue function
  • Counteract the negative effects of stress
  • Provide a source of vitamins and minerals for the maintenance of good health

Recommended Adult Serving – One capsule per day

Look Younger, Live Healthier, Feel Better